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If you’re thinking of updating your website, hold tight. Don’t do a thing before you’ve considered SEO. Get the guidance you need from Liberty's SEO migration services.

SEO isn’t a developer’s or a designer’s job, it’s ours. So be sure to rope us in if you’re thinking of a makeover.

You’ve spent years of blood, sweat and tears making sure your website works perfectly. And now you want to update it, upgrade it, add to it or streamline it.

But your brand’s site is a well-oiled motor that’s purring like a kitten. You wouldn’t let an amateur take your prize Ferrari apart and put it back together, so why even think about doing it with your website.

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We've got your back

When migrating a website, anxieties concerning search engine optimisation and rankings are commonplace. After all, there are no guarantees that rankings will be preserved post-migration, but in good hands, these common conceptions are no more than myths. 

If you have a talented SEO migration agency to handle the migration and help create a water tight SEO migration strategy, the risks evaporate. Under our guidance, we can ensure that in the long-term, your rankings and organic traffic will stay the same, and we’ll even set your site up for future SEO improvement.

If you want a SEO migration agency that matches efficient migration with a delicate touch, then we’re that.

Our domain migration service is formed around two key goals.

These are to reduce the loss of rankings in the weeks following the migration, then to secure long-term growth in the months and years afterwards. To achieve this, we first understand the type of migration necessary for our client. We see this step as a good opportunity to give a client’s site a good health check-up; this means we can iron out issues so they aren’t transferred post-migration.

We then get down with the nitty-gritty of website migration. From setting up tracking to establishing a through 301 redirect map, we make the entire migration as seamless as possible.

Liberty have been instrumental in the success of migrating and launching our new global website. Working with several international teams and stakeholders has added to the complexity of the project, but Liberty have always been on hand to quickly respond to the many unexpected turns in such a technical project. Their expertise is unparalleled and has helped us better benchmark, report and guide our strategy. Universal Publishing Production Music Digital Marketing Manager

Our website migration services doesn’t stop once the migration is finished, though.

Post-migration, we’ll continually monitor performance, organic traffic, Google analytics KPIs and suggest search engine optimisation changes to keep a website performing at its utmost potential. From fixing internal linking to maintaining canonical tags, most of the post-migration work is all about preserving your pride and joy. Through a plan of long-term support, our testing procedures allow us to, once again, see spots for improvement which blends into our future support with SEO and content.

Migration is something that is overlooked or taken far too lightly. A good migration is a matter of process, ours is streamlined and refined from many successful projects. Picture of Adam Stonehouse Adam Stonehouse Senior Technical SEO Specialist

What we do differently

Here at Liberty, we don’t believe in rushing things. We treat our work with an efficient, calm attitude which ensures work such as site migration is done with no shortcuts in mind. Our whole SEO strategy is underpinned by doing things the right way with an ambition for providing long-term solutions, not just short-term patchwork.

Our SEO Migration Services Include

domain name chnage

Domain Migration

Domain migration, also known as domain name system (DNS) migration, refers to the process of moving a website from one domain name to another. This process can involve changing the website's primary domain name or merging multiple domains into a single website.

subdomain and subdirectory migration

Subdomain Migration

Subdomain migration is a process of moving a subdomain from one primary domain to another. Subdomains are essentially separate websites or web pages that are located under a primary domain. Subdomain migrations may be necessary when businesses need to restructure their website or when they want to move a particular subdomain to a different domain for better branding.

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International Domain Migration

International site migration refers to the process of changing the structure of a website that caters to a global audience, including changing the site's domain name or URL structure, modifying the site's content, or changing the language or region targeting. The primary reason for international site migration is to improve the website's performance in specific countries or regions, improve user experience and target audience more effectively.

cms change

CMS Migrations

CMS migration refers to the process of moving a website's content management system (CMS) from one platform to another. This may be necessary when businesses want to upgrade their CMS to a newer version, change the CMS to meet specific business requirements or integrate the website with other software or systems.

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Website Structure Changes

This may include reorganising the navigation structure, changing the layout and design, modifying the sitemap or directory structure, or changing the URL structure. Website structure changes are often necessary to improve website usability, user experience, and search engine optimisation.

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KPI Benchmarking

Knowing where you stand pre-migration is key to judge the success of your migration process. Our SEO site migration experts ensure you have all the data you need to understand if there's been a sucessful migration. This include keyword rankings, organic traffic and organic conversion rate.

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Risk Analysis

Site migrations don't come without risk. Our pre-migration audits will help you understand the potential risks from an SEO perspective you may face. This includes checks such as top performing content from a user and backlink point of view. Ensuring that you are redirecting and or republishing pages that bring your current site organic traffic.

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Redirect Map Building

A new website may mean a new URL structure. Changing URLs can be one of the riskiest aspects of website migrations. We work with your web development team to make sure pages from your existing site are mapped correctly to your new website structure.

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Staging Site Auditing

Going live without a full technical SEO check of a staging site adds to a migration risk level. Part of our SEO website migration process is to run checks and cralws on your staging site ready for when the time comes to go live as many technical issues have already been found and fixed, helping to ensure a sucessful migration.

SEO Case Studies

billie eilish for universal music

+483% Ranking Keywords

+231% Organic Traffic

Universal Music Group challenged our SEO agency to oversee the technical SEO Migration of 22 websites across 17 territories into one global website

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WRU paid social case study cover

95% increase in organic sessions

82% increase in website engagement events

Our SEO agency ensured an SEO led approach following a big website migration to make the website stand alone

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love pork case study image

+89% Keywords on Page 1

With a principle aim of providing recipe inspiration and pork education, AHDB knew they needed to be visible online, but they had very few predefined goals and strategies to achieve it.

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Interested in our SEO migration services? Talk to us about our site migration SEO checklist, covering:

URL Structures, 301 Redirects, Indexing, Meta Data, Preserving Your Content, Rank Checking, Indexation Check, and Updating Your Analytics Goals.

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