Content Campaigns

Creating ambitious, creative content marketing campaigns invigorates your customers whilst driving strong links and increasing industry presence.

Campaign planning

We have a network of creatives that utilise an enticing mix of market research, PR, deft writing and proactive content creation to cook up campaigns that give our clients links, traffic and a splash of personality.

We’ve generated a number of effective, focused content campaigns, allowing us to create concepts quickly and thoroughly. We analyse your target market, personas, wider trends, data and methods such as the Freedom of Information Act to draw up a blueprint for success.

Our content campaigns are not solely tools to give a client interest from their customer base, but to drive interest on social, get links from high-profile outlets and provide a number of SEO benefits. They are an essential part of our wider content marketing strategy.

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Liberty’s campaign management team believes in persona-based evaluations, interdisciplinary expertise, Google-partnered data and market research to deliver content campaigns that are not only exciting, but generate conversions and wider interest.

  • Idea generation
  • Outreach and digital PR
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Campaign Support
  • Trends Analysis

Choose words that work

Our campaign management service  team have been trusted to brainstorm content campaigns for big clients for a reason: they increase brand visibility, improve public relations and drive rankings. By an astute knowledge of our clients and their unique needs, our content campaigns are truly bespoke, designed from the ground up to electrify their personas and the wider industry.

By incorporating other aspects of the agency – SEO, keyword research, Google-partnered PPC expertise, etc. – our content team matches creativity with guaranteed results, facilitating conversions and guiding target markets to a client’s front door.

Our content veterans know what works, what excites, what inspires and, most importantly, what drives business.


How our campaign management services works

First, our content team brainstorms content campaign ideas based on market research, trends and a client’s internal product changes and/or needs. This stage is where our content team’s experience shows, allowing them to quickly come up with a range of ideas to show to the client, instinctively evaluating and signalling out truly special concepts.

Next, we use a number of tools to find data to back up our content campaign ideas. Using a mix of legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act, reaching out to appropriate sources and tapping into our wide network of contacts, the content team compiles data, quotes and testimonials to imbue our campaigns with strong, factual hooks to entice links from big outlets.

Campaign outreach…

Once the campaign has been created, next the content team plan outreach. Our digital PR (internal link?) experts allow the campaign is seen by the right people, ensuring good quality links and increasing brand exposure in the national press, on social media and appropriate publications. The end result? A big piece of content that ticks all the boxes.

Content marketing campaigns are key to increasing a client’s digital visibility and interest, while improving a client’s existing content strategy.

We come up with our campaign concepts based on solid research and creative ideation processes. Once we have the initial concepts, we then explore their viability with EAT best practices and topical relevance in mind, before delivering campaigns journalists can’t resist. Picture of Crispin Boden-Tebbutt Crispin Boden-Tebbutt Digital Content Executive

Here at Liberty, we don’t take shortcuts. Our content marketing campaigns will always be based off of solid, foolproof research, while prioritising good quality links over sheer quantity. Our content philosophy is all about long-term solutions, producing campaigns free of any shortcuts: that’s our promise.

Content Case Studies

happy beds content campaign for pregnant mums

+219% Search Visibility

We aimed to drive relevant inbound links towards the Happy Beds domain to boost an already-improving performance and increase search visibility.

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346% Increase in Organic Sessions

Recycling old content to increase new traffic and enquiries.

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We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.