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Liberty’s social media training courses are completely tailored to you and your goals.

Win the right attention on social

Liberty’s social media training is delivered by digital experts who live and breathe likes, shares, tweets and, most importantly, social engagement.

By balancing detailed, evidence-based exposition with riveting, involved workshops, we mould our training courses around a client’s own personal goals, struggles and brand. No matter if you’re a social media newbie or an experienced Instagram obsessive, we’ll design a course that plugs the gaps in your knowledge with knowledge that works.

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We’ll ensure you leave the sessions confident of your brand’s social potential, arming you with an arsenal of social media knowledge, tools, tips and techniques to give you the edge over your closest competitors.

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We have an engagement focused social media style, allowing our client’s personality to shine through while maximising social growth.

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All of Liberty’s training programmes are founded and designed with creating a course of learning that is bespoke to those attending. We don’t follow scripts or read off repetitive information ad nauseam, instead we focus on what works for you and your social media problems.

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Get Training tailored to you

Our social media training sessions tread the careful balance between overview and granular detail, allowing attendees to attain an overview of social media as well as the finer details of individual platforms. Overall, the training sessions sharpen knowledge, answer questions and provide you with acute knowledge that differentiates you from the rest of the pack.

By finding out the exact questions and problem areas our clients have, our training sessions also act as workshops, providing you with the tools to not only solve your problems in the short-term, but in the long-term.

What truly inspires us is creating a foundation for you to create unique, effective social media campaigns.

Social media can be incredibly frustrating. Figuring out how to get engagement can sometimes feel like completing a puzzle without having all the pieces, but with a bit of guidance, social media can transform from frustration to opportunity. So, with this in mind, we approach social media training from the angle of explaining the bits of the medium that confuse our clients, while consistently dropping effective, relevant knowledge bombs. 

What differentiates Liberty from other trainers the most is our ability to analyse and identify gaps in knowledge then creating a course of learning that is suited to a client. As a result, we never replicate training sessions, ensuring that each course of learning is designed from the ground up with our clients in mind.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform, we can provide methods to facilitate strong engagement, as well as details on Facebook ads, sponsored posts and design. After the foundation of knowledge is established, the session is governed by our clients through workshop-based, practical methodology. 

By the end of our social media training sessions, our clients leave with all of their questions answered, along with an arsenal of industry-leading tips, tricks and strategies.

At Liberty, our clients are what gives us the passion to do what we do. Our training sessions, then, are designed around this outlook, ensuring they are fully committed to improving social media knowledge along the channels our clients want. Seeing our training attendees leave and utilise our strategies successfully is endlessly rewarding.

Great training! We enjoyed it. Well prepared and presented with your audience in mind, very very informative and much appreciated. Marketing Manager Heath Windows

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