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It’s not just about writing high quality content, it’s about writing content that works.

We have an effective optimisation strategy that polishes and upcycles your content to make it the best it can be.

Our SEO content services take your existing content and interweave our SEO-derived, persona-focused copy to not only make your content shine on an aesthetic level but to bring in more traffic and improve your search rankings. 

By using keyword research as our foundation, our team of seasoned writers on our content marketing team, efficiently evaluate, tweak and re-write your content to attract and engage customers, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

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We don’t believe in content for content’s sake; instead, we want to make the most of what you already have.

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Liberty’s SEO content agency content team believes in producing EAT-friendly, keyword-driven and impeccably written content that hits a client’s unique tone of voice and inspires its audience of personas. We’re motivated by marrying SEO with language to make your content rank.

  • Interweaving Keywords
  • Improving Internal Linking
  • Creating and Adding Effective CTAs
  • Fixing Up Structure & Grammar
  • Finding and Solving Problems

Choose words that work

By prioritising poorly-optimised pages, we can fix internal linking, keyword density and a multitude of other niggling errors to improve a client’s organic search rankings, as well as writing copy that inspires conversions. 

The multidisciplinary team allows us to cover all the bases, utilising Liberty’s award-winning search knowledge, Google Partner status and penchant for the written word to ensure a client’s content works for them, not the other way around.

Our SEO content writers have the nous and experience to turn ineffective content into a major traffic driver.


How it works

To begin, our SEO content agency assess which parts of a client’s site needs to be optimised, usually by creating a full, in-depth content catalogue. Then, in conjunction with our SEO services team, they analyse which pages should be prioritised, following their intent-focused keyword research to carefully interweave keywords without alienating Google.

It’s not all about keywords, though. We use persona sessions to find a client’s major customer types, using their viewpoints, spending habits and needs to write content in a tone of voice which appeals to them. As a consequence, the optimised content not only ranks, but it also resonates with who the client cares about most: its customers.

Don't forget…

We also evaluate opportunities for internal linking, plugging gaps in a client’s funnel to streamline the user journey while improving the conversion rate. As previously mentioned, the content team don’t believe in content for content’s sake, so they will advise on where pieces of content can be combined or deleted to improve rankings.

Topping all of this off is the content team’s knowledge of the most recent Google updates, ensuring every piece of content stays in line with algorithm changes. They’re all about EAT-friendly, long-term solutions. Each process is not about flooding a site with content, but instead analysing where existing content can live up to its potential.

You could have the best product or service in the world, with amazingly engaging sales copy, but if your site isn’t optimised properly no one will know about it. That’s where our expert team of digital content writers come in. We weave carefully chosen keywords into copy to maximise your visibility in search and chances of a conversion. Picture of Stephanie Lamerton Stephanie Lamerton Senior Digital Content Executive

Don’t just take our word for it, though.

Our SEO content writing services helped one of our clients, Label Source, see a rise in year-on-year organic traffic by 54.1%, as well as a rise of year-on-year organic transactions of 52.27%. These amazing results were all achieved by applying keyword research and optimising on-site category pages. It sounds too simple, but the results speak for themselves.

Content Case Studies

happy beds content campaign for pregnant mums

+219% Search Visibility

We aimed to drive relevant inbound links towards the Happy Beds domain to boost an already-improving performance and increase search visibility.

View case study

346% Increase in Organic Sessions

Recycling old content to increase new traffic and enquiries.

View case study

Here at Liberty, we do things the right way. Our agency was created as a reaction against “black hat” practices, and that reflects in our content. We won’t take shortcuts, instead opting for long-term solutions to content problems. We love producing great content without reservations: that’s our promise.

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.