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Google Shopping management is not about putting your product in front of as many people as possible, but in front of people who will buy it.

Google shopping services that pay off. Become masters of the merchant center

As a Google premium partner, our ROI-focused Google shopping management style is underpinned by the ethos of ensuring your products in your product feed appear in front of those who will be passionate about them.

65% of UK shoppers like to browse and compare products, while only 13% of consumers admit to knowing what product they’d like to buy when visiting an eCommerce store, Google Shopping puts your products in front of these relevant shoppers in their online marketplace.

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For our eCommerce clients, we see some of the highest amount of conversions and best ROIs with Google Shopping. 

A key part of a PPC (pay per click) strategy is often to use Google Shopping to promote relevant products to users to drive eCommerce conversions, because the effective product listing ads (PLAs) appear across Google ads Search and Shopping on their Comparison Shopping Engine.

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Liberty’s PPC team firmly believes in utilising intelligent, data-driven targeting, persona-based modelling and exclusive knowledge to maximise Google Shopping success.

  • In-depth Analysis
  • Product Feed Review
  • Driving ROI
  • Product prioritisation

How we do it as a Google Premium Partner

Having a good shopping product feed with accurate product information underpins Google Shopping campaigns. Using as many of the Google parameters as possible helps you to reach relevant, quality traffic with your campaigns and helps you achieve successful, profitable campaigns.

Google Shopping campaign structures will vary depending on advert objective but will be based on criteria such as product category, top sellers, revenue drivers or price range. Splitting out ad groups by product will help us easily allocate budget more effectively.


Our Google shopping agency team is renowned for its comprehensive analysis and ability to consider aspects most agencies ignore. By analysing the minutest details of a client account, we can facilitate the smallest factors to generate big ripples in their ROI.

Our Google shopping services go right to the core of Google Shopping, Auction Insights and Analytics, allowing us to understand your customers better than anyone else. Struggling with your conversion rate? Need some granular, relevant analysis? Then our Google Shopping specialists are the team for you.

Initially, an audit of the existing eCommerce performance would be carried out By your dedicated account manager prior to performing any optimisation. By auditing your Google Shopping campaigns from top to bottom, we iron out creases that you aren’t aware of. With a comprehensive review process, we ensure your Product Feed data and account is in pristine condition, capturing conversions, customers and a glowing reputation.


Product prioritisation is critical to maximising revenue through Google Shopping ads. We will analyse product performance and availability to determine what should be a priority. Bid modifiers will be used to spend budget more efficiently by increasing exposure of these key products.

The Auction Insights report will be used to monitor the Shopping marketplace by analysing what competitors are entering and exiting the auction.

Our Google Shopping Services

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Google Merchant Centre Setup & Integration

To get your shopping ads up and running, you need to configure your Google Ads to communicate with the Google Merchant Center. All of your product information is stored in Google Merchant Center, including product attributes (such as color and size). . Our Google Shopping agency offer professional setup and integration services to get your shopping campaigns up and running in no time.

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Google Shopping Feed Optimisation

Compared to other PPC formats, Google Shopping ads require detailed and specific product information from the product feed. When a customer types in a search, Google scans their Merchant Center database and selects the products with the most relevant data and the highest quality rating. So if your feed isn't optimised, your products won't appear! We'll help you maximize sales by optimising your feed, including product names, titles, descriptions, image quality and seasonal promotions.

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Product Feed Integration With Your CMS

Need help configuring Google Merchant Center with your CMS? Our Google Shopping specialists can help. Setting up the integrations can be confusing and intimidating, but we're here to lend a hand. We'll make sure your CMS is in perfect sync with your Merchant Centre account.

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Smart Shopping

If smart shopping campaigns are delivered correctly, they have the potential to generate a high ROI. Our Google shopping agency has helped clients take advantage of this new technology and get record returns on their ad spend.

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Local Inventory Ads

Local inventory advertising is the future of online advertising. This new Google feature allows you to show real time product information to users who are physically close to your store who want to buy in person. If you have a local physical store near to where a user is searching and ecommerce store, then using local inventory displays is an opportunity to cover all the bases – driving more foot traffic and increasing online sales.

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You can use remarketing to address users who have already interacted with your online shop. Your product ads will be shown when these target groups visit a Google website or website in the Google advertising network. In this way you can increase your brand awareness or remind these users of a planned product purchase.

Remarketing Services
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Free Google Shopping Products

Back in 2020 Google started allowing free product listings to be displayed under their shopping tab. Our Google Shopping experts work with our SEO agency to create and optimse these free listing feeds so your products are primed to be seen by organic shoppers.

Free Google Shopping Listings
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Transparent Google Shopping Campaign Reporting

As a full service digital marketing agency you will receive a detailed monthly report so you have a clear view of how your Google shopping campaigns are performing.

Google Shopping Case Study

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+170% Return on Ad Spend

Smart Shopping became a highly profitable campaign, our PPC agency achieved a lower CPC than the standard Shopping ads and a strong conversion rate over the weekend.

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We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.