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Liberty’s SEO training courses are delivered by search masters and are bespoke to your specific needs and goals.

Get to grips with SEO.

Our search whizzes deal day-to-day with some of the internet’s biggest brands, that experience means we're able to offer bespoke SEO training packages to build your knowledge and meet your goals.

Our team has a range of specialities and knowledge of each minute detail across the length and breadth of SEO, allowing them to shed light on the most puzzling aspects of search. Whether you want a beginner’s primer or specific, in-depth training, our SEO professionals can design and tailor a course suited to you.

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We can help you set a long-term SEO strategy that targets the right customers and funnels them towards a point of conversion.

Liberty’s training programme is founded on the standard of creating a course that is suited to and designed around your needs and queries. As such, we don’t rely on following a familiar script or needlessly padding things out – we just want to answer the questions that matter most to you.

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Master the art of SEO.

Search marketing is a multi-faceted beast. From keyword research and competitor analysis to site audits, backlink analysis and reporting techniques, our SEO training courses introduce you to a range of helpful tools and tips that’ll boost your SEO knowledge – ensuring your search activity delivers a cast-iron ROI. What’s not to like about that?

It’s easy to be somewhat daunted by Google Analytics. That’s why our data geniuses run specialist sessions that show you it’s not half as scary as it looks – while you’ll also learn a number of actionable tips to make the most of Google Analytics.

Our SEO training courses are created bespoke to suit the needs of your marketing team, and fit in with your digital goals. From basic SEO theory and practical keyword research through to content planning and technical auditing, our tailored workshops will help you to better understand your SEO situation and build an SEO strategy that will tick all the boxes. Picture of Ben Magee Ben Magee SEO Manager

Our training courses aren’t solely for you to attain knowledge, but so you can have the tools to create truly effective and inspiring SEO campaigns.

Summarising our training courses is difficult as they’re all different. Each course is suited to what the client needs, they each have their own unique topics, delivery styles and focuses. We analyse what our clients wish to learn and design a course around that, delivered in a jargon-free tone to get you up to speed with the most technical aspects of SEO.

Through a combination of engaging presentations and SEO workshops, we ensure that clients learn and feel challenged. The flow of the training sessions is very much collaborative, finely balanced between exposition, explanation and engagement.

More than anything, we love to answer questions, curate SEO knowledge and plant the seeds for our clients to create enthralling SEO campaigns.

Here at Liberty, we believe in making our clients the best they can be. This is reflected in our training sessions, which are all about improving your SEO knowledge. We are motivated by helping as many clients as much as we can, whilst playing a lasting role in future SEO campaigns.

Liberty Marketing has done a fantastic job at delivering webinars for Aviva Broker, providing useful tips and tools that can be taken away and immediately applied. Feedback has reinforced this, with comments such as the following: “Very knowledgeable speaker, with great resources and clear presentation. Provided a great structure to use, and gave me a lot to think about moving forward.” Broker Marketing Manager Aviva

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