Forth is a team of medical and scientific experts that help consumers improve their physical and mental wellbeing. When Google Ads prevented Forth from advertising a product, the brand's marketing strategy was forced to change.

The Challenge

Having heavily relied on Paid Media, Forth were without a strong organic strategy to support its sudden loss of search ads when Google Ads put a temporary stop to their advertising. This lack of strategy meant Forth struggled to maintain high rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) which had a negative effect on visibility and traffic to the site.

Forth had it especially rough with their organic marketing since Google’s Medic/EAT update downplays sites without authority – an important optimisation tactic in healthcare.

From the outset it was clear that the primary business objectives were to increase Forth’s visibility in the SERPs. This would drive increased traffic to the website, subsequently increasing organic sales and revenue.

Our Approach

Making sure the website was both indexable and accessible was a priority. Therefore, it was important to audit the current technical state of Forth’s website to uncover how was performing in relation to SEO best practices. Core Web Vitals are a fundamental ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, so it was key to focus our energy on improving the low performance scores before implementing the organic optimisation.

Search optimisation, coupled with a strategic approach to Content and Digital PR, saw organic traffic increase by over 30% in the first quarter. So, we pushed harder and focused our energy on what we like to call ‘growth categories’, areas of the website already performing well that have the ability to perform better.

Liberty is very passionate about our brand and extremely knowledgeable about SEO. They have helped grow our SEO performance across all KPIs delivering strong growth. They are proactive at coming up with ways to grow our performance and build on the success we've seen to date. Nothing to dislike. Louise Balmforth Head Of Growth

Changing tact when a primary marketing channel fails

With the help of Liberty’s SEO and Content departments, we have not only solved Forth’s advertising issue, but have netted some promising results in the process.

+152% Organic Traffic
+41% Revenue
+44% Transactions

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.