Jorjia Wintersgill, Social Media Specialist

Picture of Jorjia Wintersgill

Jorjia has a varied work history – She previously worked as a fully-qualified Beauty Therapist for two years, before retaining and carrying out an apprenticeship in Digital and Creative Media. This was definitely a lightbulb moment for her, highlighting her passion for online marketing and her strengths in social media.

As a Social Media Specialist here at Liberty, Jorjia loves getting stuck into a variety of projects and demonstrating her creative skills, experimenting with new ideas. She enjoys working with different clients in different industries and adapting her skills to best suit their needs.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? Whilst at Glastonbury, I was approached by a random woman who worked for ITV and ended up being shipped to the studio in London for a post-festival makeover. Yes, it’s on YouTube, and no I will not be disclosing the video title.

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? I’ve been told once before that I look like Grace Beverley, unfortunately the compliment didn’t come with her multi million pound net worth.

What’s the proudest moment of your life? Beating my boyfriend at beer pong in a bar in Phuket. I can still hear the crowd roaring now.

What’s your death row meal? Crispy chili squid from Wagamama’s for my starter, a deep fried spicy tuna maki roll for my main, and topping it all off with a Millie’s cookie cake for dessert *chefs kiss*

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