John Griffiths, Senior Digital Content Specialist

Picture of John Griffiths

John is a Senior Digital Content Specialist here at Liberty. He works across all content-related disciplines: copywriting, site copy optimisation, data collection and graphic design.

After graduating from a Music Business degree in 2019, John went on to pursue digital marketing with a Master’s degree in the subject at the University of South Wales. Graduating with a distinction, John carries this knowledge through to all our clients, while continuing to learn beside everyone at Liberty.

An avid music-fan, John first got into marketing through playing in live bands and promoting gigs around our capital city, Cardiff. It’s here where he honed his creativity, applying it to a real-life project and solidifying his interest in all things digital.

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? I've been told Tobey Maguire on one too many occasions by both strangers and close friends. I personally don't see it but I'll take it!

What’s been the proudest moment of your life so far? Getting a distinction in my Master's degree!

What’s your death row meal? Chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, onion bhajis, the works. For dessert, I'd have a sticky toffee pudding, all washed down with good ol' Pepsi Max.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself I was once a lead guitarist in an indie rock band.

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