Emma Hull, Digital PR and Campaigns Manager

Picture of Emma Hull

Our Digital PR Expert, Emma, came to us in 2018 after working for a traditional PR agency once graduating from a Journalism degree. Emma now combines her knowledge of traditional PR with digital PR, to get her clients on the websites of national and regional newspapers, blogs and magazine sites to bring in traffic and create brand awareness.

Having an understanding on what a journalist would find interesting and would like to write about is part of Emma’s job role, as well as keeping up with trends in different industries i.e property, interior, finance and general news. She isn’t afraid to shut an idea down in the ideation phase of campaign planning if she doesn’t think it will get the backlinks and coverage we hope for.

Emma loves a chat, so her favourite part of the job is building and maintaining relationships with bloggers and journalists alike, so that they can come to us for quotes and data, just as much as we can push something out to them.

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? I just asked a few people this and the most common answer was Britney Spears, but I am really hoping they mean super-hot Britney and not 2007 Britney.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. My previous life goal was to complete 30 by 30; visit 30 countries around the world by the age of 30. Now that I've completed it (wooo!) a couple of years early, I want to do 40 by 40. Only nine countries to go!

What’s been the proudest moment of your life so far? Taking my dog for a Halloween photo shoot dressed as a pumpkin and watching him absolutely slay the doggy-shoot when the other dogs refused to co-operate. Proud dog mum moment.

What’s your death row meal? This is my favourite question to ask people! To start, I’d do garlic prawns with a big loaf of white bread to scoop up the sauce. As my main, probably a steak sandwich with Chimichurri sauce and some FAT chunky chips. And if that’s not basic enough, washed down with a Pornstar Martini, or several, just to take the edge off! Dessert, there’s nothing better than a sticky toffee pudding smothered in custard. Hot damn!

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