Rhys Owen- Johnson, Senior Digital Content Specialist

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Describe your role in 7 words Strategically using words to improve online performance

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble: The one I get the most lately is Premier League ref Michael Oliver (best looking ref in the league, if you ask me). Had Charlie Day and Matt Horne a few times before too. Short blokes with dark hair seems to be the theme.

Interesting fact about you: I was once one of the top 10 squash players in Wales. If anyone wants an autograph, give me a shout.

Proudest moment: Either the first time I seven-balled someone at pool or the first time I had some of my writing published. Both as prestigious as each other.

Death row meal: I’d have to go for a big old Indian meal. Samosas, bhajis, pakora, madras, pilau rice, naan, poppadoms. All finished off with a few glasses of whiskey to take the edge off the whole dying thing.

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