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Forgive Me Twitter For I Have Sinned: Social Media Confessions

Hello, my name is Steph and I am a social media addict – sort of. It started off with an innocent Bebo account, then there was Myspace, and today I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, just to name a few.

Thankfully though, a rubbish phone and a hatred for selfies has stopped me becoming totally obsessed. What about you? Are you a social media addict? If you’ve made any of the following confessions then you may be:

  1. People call you by your screen name or Twitter handle not your birth name. In real life.


  1. You take ages to fall asleep at night because you’re scared to shut your eyes just in case you get a notification.
  2. And when you do finally drift off, you are already excited about the new followers the morning will bring.
  3. You plan your #throwbackthursdays well in advance.


  1. Your pet has social media accounts – yes plural.
  2. Daily activities are planned around the possibility of Instagram snaps.
  3. A low phone battery is scary.
  4. So you have to carry around a portable phone charger.
  5. After you meet someone for the first time you stalk them on social media. What were they doing 3 years ago last Tuesday?


  1. You have the perfect ‘followers’ to ‘following’ ratio.
  2. Your Klout score means EVERYTHING to you.
  3. You ‘check-in’ everywhere you go.
  4. Friends tell you that you are attached to your phone or computer.
  5. You are scared to drink alcohol because you don’t know what you’ll say online.
  6. You delete Facebook posts if you don’t get enough likes.


  1. Face-to-face conversations are scary.
  2. You know everything about a friend’s partner although they never mention them and you’ve never met.
  3. Hashtags are part of your #everyday #language.
  4. But one good thing about all this is that your life is well documented.
  5. You are going to spend ages sharing this post and deciding on the ideal hashtag to accompany it.


Social Media Addiction and Business

Although being glued to your social media sites 24-7 can be disruptive to your personal life, being on top of your business social media accounts can do wonders.

For example, let’s take number 4: Throwback Thursdays. Planning your posts and tweets well in advance using social media management tools such as Sendible and Hootsuite will ensure you are creating quality content and tracking the effectiveness.

Stalking someone, like in number 9, is a little extreme, but knowing the type of people who follow your social media activity gives insight into your current and potential customer base. And when you know who these people are you can create social content that caters to their interests.

Finally, a well-documented business life is a great thing! If you frequently post and tweet you are more likely to generate engagement from other social media users and maybe even gain a few more customers too. Regular posting will also give your business a sense of authority or trust in the industry; but don’t forget to show personality as this is important too. Findout what the pros and cons of buying Twitter followers are.

So do you have a social media addiction? Or perhaps you have more questions on social media? Well, give us a tweet or comment on our Facebook – we’d love to hear what you think! You can slow read more about our social media marketing company and our Twitter marketing services now.

(images: thegirlwiththeblog, Bill and Vicki T and weareiu)

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